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Honda b75 ignition test procedures

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  • Honda b75 ignition test procedures

    Forgive me if the procedures have been posted already. I've searched for several hours with no luck. There seems to be others asking the same question but I dont see a distinct and consice answer. I have the service manual, however its pretty vague and gives readings for serviceman using a Honda test unit.

    I need specific specs to troubleshoot a no spark condition. Expected multimeter readings and procedures for testing the following:

    primary coil
    Charging coil
    Points -although I'm pretty sure I know how to test these and after a good cleaning they seem in spec.
    Ignition coil

    I think I know how to test the primary and charger coil and I believe they are within spec, but want to double check. I'm leaning toward ignition coil or condenser, but not sure. Don't want to buy extra parts doing the trial and error method.

    Any help would be appreciated. If you're in the crystal river fl area, will put a day of fishing on me for answers.

    Trying to get the motor my father gave me when i was 14 yrs old running so I can set my son up with his first boat. 50 now in case you're wondering. Last time I used it was about 18 years ago when I put it away after a no spark condition. I'm pretty handy and do all work myself on my 2001 Johnson 70. Also do all work on my vehicles including timin belts, a/c diagnosis and repair. I even replaced my clutch pad on a manual tran Toyota Tacoma before I gave it to my nephew.. But this one has me stumped.