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B100S clamp lever - replacement part?

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  • B100S clamp lever - replacement part?

    I have a Honda 10 hp outboard - serial number: B100S-1600710. The two clamps that are used to mount the motor have broken - specifically, the handles that you hold onto when screwing the clamps down.

    Are these still available? Will clamps from another brand of outboard work? I am not picky about color or matching them together - I just want two of them that will work with my motor.


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    Re: B100S clamp lever - replacement part?

    Well, I will answer my own thread with a solution that I came up with...in case anyone else finds themselves in the same boat. (Yes, I really just said that)

    Less than $10 invested and about 45 minutes of my time to make these. It seems that the Honda ones are hard to come by (still $20 each) and the Mercury ones would run about $30-40 EACH!

    1/4" all thread
    4 - 1/4" flanged nuts
    aluminum tubing - 1/4" ID
    4 - 1/4" cap nuts.

    I drilled the holds out slightly in the clamp screws to fit the all thread.

    Very straigh forward - and it is easy to use, clamps tight and I can still use my locking bar that goes across the clamp handles to lock the motor on the boat.