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Honda 15HP Dies or nearly dies upon quick acceleration

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  • Honda 15HP Dies or nearly dies upon quick acceleration

    Engine idles fine and runs fine at higher rpms as long as acceleration is done slowly. Upon quick acceleration, engines dies unless you back it off quickly, then accelerate again.

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    Re: Honda 15HP Dies or nearly dies upon quick acceleration

    Hi. I am a sudent taking an outboard motor repair class and I just finished repairing a Honda 5hp outboard. It came in with a complaint that it would spit and die upon runup. I checked compression and it was 75 psi. The teacher said that was ok on this outboard (I did not have the manual for this motor and the general rule is that we don't work on motors without the service manual for that motor). I put the spark tester on it and it was good so I put it in the tank to run it. Sure enough it would start and idle fine but would spit and die on runup. I cleaned the carb and put it back in the tank. Same thing. The teacher said I had not cleaned the carb well enough so I did it again with the same results. The next time the teacher helped me clean the carb but it did not fix the problem. Other students wanted to check the valves but I asked the teacher if he could pick up a new spark plug. When I got to school today I installed the plug and put the motor in the test tank. The spark plug was the problem and the motor runs great now. You may wish to try new plugs in your motor if you have checked out the fuel supply. Hope this helps!

    PS I talked to the folks at school about your motor and they all think it is trash in the gas. Hondas have lots of small holes in the carb that can clog. You need to order the service repair manual if you don't have it. It will give you step by step instructions to rebuild the carbs and other things.