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How do I test an exciter coil? Honda bf35-50

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  • How do I test an exciter coil? Honda bf35-50

    My motor has no spark after using engine degreaser on it. It is not the kill circuit and it is not the controls. I tested the pulser coil output with a dva and they are all within range, I tested the charge coil and they are within range but there is no test in my manual for the exciter coil. I found something online that said it should be somewhere around 200v on a dva but I'm not getting anything. I'm testing between the two wires in the two pin connector coming from the exciter and get zero when cranking. I checked the resistance and it was somewhere around 175 ohms...is that right? I think it is bad but why would degreaser cause it to fail?

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    Re: How do I test an exciter coil? Honda bf35-50

    My problem was not the exciter coil but if anyone needs the info...

    bf35 40 45 and 50
    Exciter coil dva reading while cranking should be around 205v or running it should be 209v. Your DVA may show slightly higher or lower but as long as it's not way off.