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55 hp Nissan Value

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  • 55 hp Nissan Value

    I am considering selling my 1986 55 hp Nissan (NS55B). The motor is in absolutely excellent condition. However, when I looked the motor up on the NADA website, it showed a value of around $3,500. Could this be anywhere close to right? Just seems very high to me (not that I would complain with $3,500)!!!

    Anyone have a good idea of what the motor might actually be worth?

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    Re: 55 hp Nissan Value

    Book value is a couple of hundred. Parts are not available for it so it has no real value as a working engine, but piecing it out for parts could net you as much as $1500.00 to the right people over time.
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      Did you ever sell the motor?


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        Originally posted by Marvin122 View Post
        Did you ever sell the motor?
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