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Honda BF 130 won't start

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  • Honda BF 130 won't start

    There was a constant buzzing noise coming from the main relay, but a while it started smoking and the engine stopped running,so I disconnected the battery .
    I then fitted a new relay but the engine will still not start. There is also no spark now. Can anyone please help?

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    Re: Honda BF 130 won't start

    stumacc - It'll better your chances of getting some help if you provide more detail.

    Just prior to you hearing the 'buzzing' did the engine start normally?

    Had it been running for a while (how long?) before the 'buzzing' was noticed?

    Was the 'buzzing' so loud that you could hear it above the noise of the running engine; what drew your attention to the 'buzzing'?

    How exactly did you determine that the main relay was the source of the 'buzzing'?

    Was the smoke you saw specifically emanating from the main relay itself, or just in the vicinity of the main relay?

    Did the engine shut down by itself or did you turn the ignition switch off?

    Did the engine shut down at the same time as the main relay started smoking, or before or after?

    Why did you disconnect the battery?

    Did the main relay continue to smoke even after the engine was shut down? Until you disconnected the battery?

    When you took out the old main relay were there signs of it having smoked, e.g. charred/melted parts?

    After installing the new main relay, you of course reconnected the battery, correct?

    Are the connections to the battery clean/shiny and tight?

    When you say the engine now will not start, do you mean that it turns over but will not fire? Or does it not even turn over?

    How did you check for spark?

    How have you verified that fuel is being injected into the cylinders?

    Any other details would also be helpful.