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my 02 honda 9.9 dies after starting

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  • my 02 honda 9.9 dies after starting

    first trip in May out trolling for the famous lake erie walleye puttn along with my 02 9.9 honda trolling motor and it just dies so i kick in neutral hit the start switch ran for the rest of the day. But my problem has been getting progressively worse, so bad know that it wont even run last trip on 8-6-10 it will start spit and sputter then die. I havea trip planned this weekend and i am despreate for answers. i have a fuel pump hot lined to me from iboats should be here fri. any other ideas would be great in case that doesnt work??????????

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    Re: my 02 honda 9.9 dies after starting

    First things first, change the spark plugs. Drain the carb, there is a drain screw on the bottom, take a look at what comes out. Since you are short on time, might try to spray some carb cleaner through the carb, kinda sound like the small ventures' may be clogging up since it has gotten progressively worse over time. May be time for a good carb cleaning. Why did you order a fuel line?