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3.5 plastic prop cotter pin

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  • 3.5 plastic prop cotter pin

    My grandsons 3.5 Nissan (maybe a 1998) has a plastic prop, and forward and neutral.
    the cotter pin goes through the black cone shaped itting behind the prop but does NOT seem to go through the metal prop shaft. What keeps this cone shaped piece on? the cotter pin rides in a groove on the prop shaft but seems if you put in too small a cotter pin , going thru the groove the prop would come off??

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    Re: 3.5 plastic prop cotter pin

    These use a brass shear pin to drive the prop. The cotter is merely a prop retainer. Since the motor does not have reverse, the motor can't ever apply reverse thrust to the prop, and the cotter never experiences any significant load, so any decent stainless cotter will work fine.

    If the bore in the prop has been severely abused, it might fit too sloppily on the prop shaft. If that's the case, no cotter will retain it, and you will want a new prop.
    Certified Tohatsu TLDI Technician
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