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2006 honda 9.9 cooling???

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  • 2006 honda 9.9 cooling???

    I have a '06 9.9 hi-thrust honda o/b on our sailboat. Yesterday, I noticed water was not flowing out the tell tale, none at all. The motor seemed to be running fine. We make a trip over to the mainland every week, about 45 minutes each way. Not sure how long it might have been like this.
    I tried to check to see where the problem was, took off the water line, then tried to get the carb off so I could get at where the water comes out of the head, or block - whichever it is.
    How do you get at that bolt on the lower side of the carb to take it out? Dynamite? Does the fuel filter and the lines need to be removed? It's sure nothing like the older motors to work on.
    Does the carb have to go before you can even change the oil filter?
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Re: 2006 honda 9.9 cooling???

    Did you remove the starboard plastic cowling? Doing that you'll have good access to the water tube and its outlet nipple. That's where you usually have debris blocking the water.


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      Re: 2006 honda 9.9 cooling???

      Thank you very much for your answer.
      Unfortunately, I did not notice anything which would appear to come off while I was trying to fix it yesterday.
      Are you referring to the actual silver coloured outside part of the motor itself?
      I must admit I didn't think to see if that would come off.
      We have had some big winds all night and it continues to blow - our boat is out in the bay on a mooring. As soon as it settles a little I will try again. It certainly makes sense to have access via something like that.
      Again - thank you - I will let you know how I make out.
      And yes, I know where the debris usually collects - at least on our old Honda's.
      Around here it is normally seaweed which does the clogging.



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        Re: 2006 honda 9.9 cooling???

        These modern Hondas(8-20hp) have basically three plastic "covers": the hood on the top, which you can easily remove by opening the single latch in the back of the motor, and the two side cowlings, which are secured with screws and by the hood's latch too. In your case, you need to remove the starboard cowling only. First, you need to remove the top hood and its dark grey latch(cotter pin, washer and pin). Then you'll have to remove 4 horizontal screws along the side cowling and one vertical screw located near the fuel hose plug. When the cowling breaks loose, you'll noticed it will still be linked to the motor by the water tube and the carb drain tube. You can pretty easily dettach those from their cowling-attached nipples, so you can completely remove the cowling, having good access to the engine.
        Removing the cowlings is definitely not a job to be done on a rocking boat. The chances of dropping some screw overboard(you're already overboard...) are pretty big. How about trying first a piece of wire or a toothpick up into the outlet while the engine is running? It has worked for me 100% of the times I had your problem. In my case it's always been some sand grain, though.
        I'd suggest buying a shop manual. It costs around $50 and it makes a huge difference having it or not.
        Let me know if I can help you any further.
        Good luck and good winds!


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          Re: 2006 honda 9.9 cooling???

          Maybe I'm not reading this right...but if there's no water coming out the "pee hole" then the motor will automatically shut down after about one minute and not run. This is a feature on my 2006 Honda 9.9.


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            Re: 2006 honda 9.9 cooling???

            If there's no water coming from the pee hole, that doesn't necessarily mean you have a cooling problem. Many times your cooling system is working perfectly, and you just have a clogging at the outlet, which wouldn't affect the engine at all in such case. On the other hand, if you have a normal water flow at the pee hole, you necessarily have a pretty good water pump. But that wouldn't assure you the engine is being properly cooled, since any problem with the thermostat wouldn't be diagnosed by the pee whole status.

            Your engine does have a temperature protection system. If it rises above a certain value, the system will be triggered, either slowing it down or shutting it off, I'm not sure. But according to some posts I read here, it is only triggered when the engine is really hot, not necessarily avoiding damage to it.

            If you have a telltale problem, you ought to solve it before using the motor. It can be nothing but a sand grain stuck in the outlet nipple, or it can be some serious cooling issue. You don't want to take chances...