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New Honda 5hp dies if choke not engaged

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  • New Honda 5hp dies if choke not engaged

    Purchased 2009 Honda 5hp outboard. Starts on first pull with choke out. After running for several minutes, it dies if I push choke in. If I take off the cowl and push the gold metal throttle lever, then restart the engine with the choke disengaged, all is well.
    Since it's busy season in New England, near impossible to bring it to Honda dealer for quick look. I've already tried. Yes, it's under warranty.
    Any advice much appreciated.

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    Re: New Honda 5hp dies if choke not engaged

    It sounds like a dirty carburetor. It doesn't take much to clog up a modern engine's carburetor due to the way the manuafcturers have had to design them in order to pass EPA limits.
    My answers are like Zen...It may not be the answer you want, but it is generally the answer you need.

    The 3 Rules:

    1) Look in your service manual first...Then ask me if it is correct.
    2) Understand that your desire to repair your engine does not mean that you have the ability to do so.
    3) If you are confused, take your engine into a dealer..Then let them be confused...At least, in theory, they sent someone to outboard 101.