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Pull Start Sprung on Honda B75...

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  • Pull Start Sprung on Honda B75...



    Serial #: 3018735

    Let me just say I have little experience working with small engines (or piston engines for that matter)

    I pulled the start cord too far out and it wouldn't retract.

    I figured it would be easy... (I was wrong) So I took it apart and the spring cam un-sprung.

    there is a little hook (inside) that mounts to the shive (that holds the pull cord) and another hook on the other side (outside of the spring) mounts to the lower housing of the pull start.

    there is a stamped steel ring integrated into the lower section of the housing that the spring must seat into to properly work without binding.

    I cant seem to get the spring to properly wind into the ring with out popping off either one of its anchor (pun intended) points.

    2 guys have been working on it for the better part of 2 hours, and we are stumped (and imbarresed)

    any help?

    sorry I cant post pictures, no digi cam.

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    Re: Pull Start Sprung on Honda B75...

    Well, kinda.

    I put the spring on backwards. (don't worry, I fied the issue with the spring before I did the write-up)

    Step 1: disassemble. (top from bottom)

    Step 2: remove the pull handel off the cord.

    Step 3: remove the plastic grommet that the chord passes through to prevent chafing and the spring tension plate (also plastic) There is an E clip and spring, plyers and a screwdriver are required.

    Step 4: with a 10mm socket remove the tension plate (shiney steel piece with 2 "L" shapes cut in it) "beware there is a small spring on the underside of it. about the size od a quarter

    Step 5: remove internal spring (diameter about the size of a dime) that pushed the tension plate upwards. there is a steel sleeve that surrounds the 10mm bolt. remove that also.

    now you are down to 4 major pieces.

    Cord, Shiv, spring and top cover.

    Step 6: Remove the shiv and spring from the top cover. (leave cord attached to teh shiv)

    Step 7: Place the top cover on the work bench upside down with the cord hole pointing away from you.

    you will notice there is a 1/4" ringt thatthe spring must lay flush in.

    Step 8lace the spring back in the inverted top cover. (very tricky).


    *The trick is to only put half of the spring (the inner portion, with the tighter wraps) in the ring. And place the other half of the spring (the outer portion, with the looser wraps) on the outside of the ring.

    How you do this is by transitioning the inner and outer portion of the spring through the little missing portion of the ring's wall (about 1/4")

    Make sure the spring never lays on top of its self.

    Step 9: pull about 6" of cord backwards through the shiv (givving you 2 handels) MAKE SURE THE CORD STAYS IN THE WINDOW OF THE SHIV!

    Step 10: place shiv back into inverted top cover. (make sure its seats all the way down) Place tension plate and 10 mm bolt back on to prevent injury.

    Step 11: using the cords turn the shiv counterclockwise (making sure the cords stay in the window) You should hear the springs catch the anchor points.

    Spep 12: C-clamp the shiv to the inverted top cover and remove tension plate, replace all that was preveously removed.

    Step 13: reassemble.

    Hope this helps.