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2000 Tohatsu 40D Coughs/Sneezes

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  • 2000 Tohatsu 40D Coughs/Sneezes

    I have a 2000 Tohatsu 40D outboard on my 13ft boat.

    When its cold I not only have to choke it but need to give it some gas at idle to keep it running until it warms up....After I get it up to operating temp it runs fine for most of the day...

    Also some times I will start it up to make a move and it loads up on me. I will move it to full throttle after starting it and can't get passed 1500rpm's unless I back off the throttle and start over real slow or sometime it will catch up on its own and jump to wide open throttle....

    My question. Is it just loaded up with too much oil because the motor was running at 50:1 when I shut it down? Or is it a carb issue with the idle circuit?

    I know a lot of older 2 strokes are kind of finicky but I figured a low hour oil injected motor like mine should start and run fine all day....Am I asking too much?......

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    Re: 2000 Tohatsu 40D Coughs/Sneezes

    Change your plugs, clean your carbs and try it again.
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