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Converting Honda BF15 to electric start

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  • Converting Honda BF15 to electric start

    I just purchased a couple of months ago a BF15, tiller model, no electric start, no electric tilt. I live on an island and this motor is on my backup boat.

    My problem is that the compression is so high that my wife can't even turn it over using the starter cord. This is a critical problem, because she's often alone on the island while I'm away in our main boat. The starting problem is, I expect, exacerbated by the fact that we're talking Nova Scotia in winter. That makes for a very cold start!

    The local Honda dealer says there isn't a conversion kit to turn this into an electric start machine. An electric start is available from the factory - is there any combination of parts that I could install (or have my dealer install since I'm a pretty poor mechanic) that would do the job.

    Failing that, does anyone have any other suggestions? My next step may be to go to a lower compression 2-stroke machine.