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Honda BF130 Running Rough/Borderline Disabled after 1-2 hr use/WOT

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  • Honda BF130 Running Rough/Borderline Disabled after 1-2 hr use/WOT


    I recently joined the forum to help track down my issue. I have a Honda BF130 (4 cycle) that is giving me an interesting issue. Starting up and running at low to moderate speeds, and even about 75% throttle my outboard runs great. But it seems to be after about right at the 1-2hr mark (and almost ALWAYS after a full throttle run) it immediately starts misfiring and surging. At idle the boat misfires and shakes the outboard while doing this. When pushing the throttle RPM goes up slightly but there is hesitation and its almost like it wants to die to you have to back off (almost like you are bogging it). It will continue to idle and work in low RPM while misfiring. After it did this the first time i put a new set of spark plugs in it and it was like the issue never happened (on the ears) and confirmed after the plugs on the water this week until it did it again same exact timing and situation.

    I recently have:
    *Changed the plugs (Issue now back so ordered another set)
    *Changed the oil
    *Changed the fuel filter
    *Completely emptied tank and put brand new premium in it
    *Checked thermostat to make sure it was opening and not stuck
    *Changed the water pump at the end of last season, stream is fine (about new hours on pump)

    After i put the plugs in the first time it fired up instantly no problems. Second set on the way to see if it solves the issue. At this point thinking it might be a fueling issue

    Pics of the plugs attached. Any help or test would be great.
    Cylinder 1 Cylinder 2-4 (all the same)

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    Thinking fuel and/or temp here. Have you tried squeezing the primer bulb when it's having one of it's fits?

    The water temp coming from the tell tale. Is it really hot when it's having one of it's fits?

    I don't trust t-stats, and I DO NOT EVER run without one, but I might be tempted to give that a try faced with an issue like this one. More to see what it does, working under easy stuff first logic. Doing that may provide some guidance. E.G. junk t-stat, time to clean cooling passages, etc.

    As far as ignition, I'm much more familiar with the 35-90 hp engines, and they have ign. issues only rarely. That's the last place I go when troubleshooting.


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      What year is your motor.


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        Thanks for the responses:

        ahicks - Will need to try this again and see what happens (primer bulb). The tell tale stream gets warm/hot but not like burn your hand type of hot. Ordered a new Tstat to see if that is the issue as well. Is there a way to test the cooling passage flow? Im assuming taking off the cover right below the Tstat.

        One thing with the bulbs. I have an on deck tank with primer going to a fuel water filter/separator which then goes to the engine that has another primer bulb on that line. Basically: Tank-Bulb-Fuel/water filter-Bulb-Engine.

        durban - Motor looks to be a 2001 based on serial number (BZBE 120000 serial with a BEBE -100000 head)

        Waiting on new plugs and tstat at the moment to retest. Will also try to fire it up on the muffs today and see if it is still acting up. IIRC last time it did this i took it home, fired it up on the muffs and instantly had the same issue even at idle on the trailer. I'll see if i can get a video and current status.


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          The reason i asked what year your motor is because be aware that these motor develop a crack in the cylinder head .mine did and also some other people around the world Honda did rectify their mistake and stood by there customers .I fitted a new cylinder head .They machined the water way much better on the new one i bought .Don,t overlook this do tests .


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            Thanks Durban. I have heard of the head issues when doing some research ahead of time so will be on the lookout.


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              Adding a video that represents my issue:

              This is at idle not touching the throttle


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                the video sounds like a ignition misfire. Put a timing light on each cylinder when it happens and see if you have intermitent spark


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                  This is basically 24/7 as far as when it is happening unless I install new spark plugs (after i replaced all 4 plugs went back like nothing happened last time this happened). No RPM range or operating scenario causes this its like its just stuck misfiring. Will put all new plugs in tomorrow and then update.


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                    Plug the DLC plug in or bridge it if you don't have one and see if you get any codes to start off with.


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                      Originally posted by durban View Post
                      Plug the service check plug in or bridge it if you don't have one and see if you get any codes to start off with.
                      Do this if the red light does not go off when you turn the key on.IF the light goes off then you don,t have any electrical issue.