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Tohatsu 2007 MFS6BS Prop Shaft Housing Assembly from Lower Unit

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  • Tohatsu 2007 MFS6BS Prop Shaft Housing Assembly from Lower Unit

    Any tips on getting that Prop Shaft Housing Assembly off? It's sealed in pretty tight. Seloc Manual says to try to rotate it. That seems tuff, too. Any puller gadgets I can use? Should I apply heat? I need to get it out of there to change the oil seals. Videos?

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    okay, i got it off myself. I basically hooked two turnbuckles to the veins/splines whatever you want to call them inside the housing and then suspended the turnbuckles from a metal rod suspended between to wooden blocks, then tapped on the skeg with a piece of wood and mallet.


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      Okay, how do I get prop shaft out of the assembly? Both Seloc and Tohatsu service manual are silent on this! my guess is that this metal thing (propeller thrust holder?) on the prop shaft has to come off? How? Mallet? Gear puller? Click image for larger version

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        Please don't start new threads on the same subject.

        Put the prop nut on the shaft and tap the shaft through the thrust washer until the washer is freed up.. The shaft is removed in that direction.
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          Yes. The shaft slides forward:
          Click image for larger version

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            Sorry, I'm so confused, sorry, I'm a newbie. Why do i need the prop nut on? So you are saying put the bearing carrier assembly into some sort of safe soft vise to hold it steady, and then tap on the prop (astern) end of the shaft, so that the shaft and attached gear slide slide out towards the gear (fore) side. Yes? Did i get it right?


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              Yes, what you're describing is correct. You put the prop nut on so that when you tap the end of the shaft, you're hitting really on the prop nut so there's no chance of damage to the prop shaft threads.

              The prop thrust washer should come off fairly easily. You should not have to tap very much at all. It slides on the splines just like the prop.


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                Dear Paul (and anyone),
                (1) I am almost there, all pulled apart. A good soak with PB Blaster was needed for the thrust washer, Anyway, for reassembly, I have a question: The diagram (Paul posted) has a weird inset shown for the oil seal (10). It looks like two cigarettes and doodad. see photo. Can someone tell me what precisely this means?????

                (2) Ttips on what to use to drive the bearing and seal into place? I don't have a mandrel or seal driver, and I can't find the optional ones that Tohatsu claims to sell in the parts manual. So is there an acceptable substitute? I.e., a wooden dowel and a mallet? if not, do i just have to go to the auto tool store and pray they have something that fits?
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