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Tohatsu 4 stroke 9.8 exhaust just got a lot louder

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  • Tohatsu 4 stroke 9.8 exhaust just got a lot louder

    Hello all, my 2009 4 stroke Tohatsu ( MFS9.8A3) exhaust just got a lot louder, as in if it was my car I’d be looking for a hole in the exhaust pipe. It still runs normally, no chocolate milk in the oil, and nothing I can detect as an exhaust leak in the engine compartment. I still get exhaust out of the above water port along it a normal water telltale and thru prop exhaust .
    problem is same whether engine is cold or hot.
    any help with idas are most appreciated.

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    Verify the timing. You can use a timing light. If the gear belt jumper a tooth, the valves could be opening late.
    Certified Tohatsu TLDI Technician
    Buffalo NY USA


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      With use and heat all gaskets will cede in a bit, adjust tight with wrench all the bolts located under the pan, if bit lose exhaust will be heard louder than when factory delivered, check.

      Happy Boating

      Sea Rider 320, 380 Sibs, 450 Rib, 2 Strokes Tohatsu 5,18 & 30 HP Proud Smokers


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        salt water motor?


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          Great ideas, I’ll give them a shot.
          yes, salt water - sorta, upper Chesapeake
          thanks to everyone