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Tohatsu 4 stroke 9.8 exhaust just got a lot louder

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  • Tohatsu 4 stroke 9.8 exhaust just got a lot louder

    Hello all, my 2009 4 stroke Tohatsu ( MFS9.8A3) exhaust just got a lot louder, as in if it was my car I’d be looking for a hole in the exhaust pipe. It still runs normally, no chocolate milk in the oil, and nothing I can detect as an exhaust leak in the engine compartment. I still get exhaust out of the above water port along it a normal water telltale and thru prop exhaust .
    problem is same whether engine is cold or hot.
    any help with idas are most appreciated.

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    Verify the timing. You can use a timing light. If the gear belt jumper a tooth, the valves could be opening late.
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      With use and heat all gaskets will cede in a bit, adjust tight with wrench all the bolts located under the pan, if bit lose exhaust will be heard louder than when factory delivered, check.

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        salt water motor?


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          Great ideas, I’ll give them a shot.
          yes, salt water - sorta, upper Chesapeake
          thanks to everyone