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2006 md40b tldi triple lights

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  • 2006 md40b tldi triple lights

    Hey guys, I'm new here and new to outboard repairs. I recently purchased a 2006 Tohatsu md40b tldi outboard. It's an oil injected 2 stroke.

    The motor starts flawlessly every time. The issue I'm having is I keep getting the triple lights flashing on the console immediatly on start up. This occurs even after I do the reset where you turn the key, pull the safety key after the beep, then pull on the safety kill button twice, once every 7 seconds.

    While the lights are flashing, with muffs on, it runs perfectly gets up to rpm no problem. But in the water it will run extremely rough and the rpms dont get past 2000 or so, and the boat moves at an idling pace.

    I've replaced the fuel line, replaced the batteries running the recommended cca, replaced the plugs, cleaned out the fuel filter, bleed the oil pump.

    So, I'm not totally sure what I should try now. I live in a small town in the alaska Bush with no access to a certified tohatsu mechanic.

    Also, the previous owners had the wrong prop on it, and it was pretty wiggly. I've replaced the prop and it fits well and there is no shake to it. Could the old prop have damaged something?

    Thanks for your time.

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    Actually, it is a direct-injected motor, not oil injected.
    You can DL your owners manual from https://tohatsu.com/tech_info/manuals.html
    Never rev up that high on muffs. There is no load on the motor, and you could damage a rod bearing or similar.
    All 3 lights flashing is a generic "engine trouble" indicator. Like the "check engine" on a car.
    If you need to work on/diagnose this yourself, you will want the Factory service manual; forget the aftermarket manuals:
    Part #: 003-21050-2
    List Price (MSRP): $41.67
    If you need one, PM me for info.
    The reason you need the manual is to put the motor in self-diag mode and read what the motor senses is wrong.
    Certified Tohatsu TLDI Technician
    Buffalo NY USA


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      Thank you Paul, I've been shooting in the dark with troubleshooting the tohatsu, have a different owners manual that just says if there are 3 red lights consult with your tohatsu technician. So that was kind of worthless. I've ordered the manual you've suggested though and am super anxious for it to get in. Any parts I need will take atleast a week if not more to get in. So I'm fighting the clock a bit before fishing and hunting seasons are over and winter hits.

      Luckily I was able to go out on a friends 13' Boston whaler subsistance fishing yesterday. It was a little cramped but we landed 39 sockeye salmon. At one point competing with 5 seals to pick the salmon out of the net.

      Anyway, thanks for your suggestion I'll let you know how it pans out.