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1988 125 HP Force lower unit woes

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  • 1988 125 HP Force lower unit woes

    I am in the process of installing a water pump kit on my force motor and figured I would look into why my reverse gear has a hiccup, as though there is a broken tooth on the reverse gear. Everything I've read about it tells me I should not need to pull the propeller shaft to inspect/replace the reverse gear assembly? I'm hoping this is correct because removing the propeller shaft appears to be beyond my ability with the tools I have and my lack of mechanical prowess. If this is true, is there any other highly technical tasks I will need to perform in order to successfully do this? Will there be any concern for checking pinion to plug clearances as discussed in the service manual? I would greatly appreciate any professional advice.

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    You do know you posted in the Tohatsu/Nissan/Honda forum, right?
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      No, I thought I was in the Force / Chrysler forum. Sorry!