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Honda bf130 won't go full throttle

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  • Honda bf130 won't go full throttle

    I took the boat out today and my honda would not go past 3000rpm. Once it hit 3000, it would start to stutter. Took the boat out twice before and had no problem. I made a video of it. It idles fine and shift fine. So i drove around at 3000 rpm and i decided to give it more throttle, and for 5 minutes i was able to go past 4500 rpm. Then i idle for a bit and i have the same problem. Now it wont even go past 2000 rpm. Through all this, no alarm from the remote. One green light is on. Can a failure to the high pressure fuel pump cause these kind of symptom?

    Towards the end while going back into the dock at 1800 rpm, i tried to give it more and i hear a small pop. Any input is appreciated. I use to work on 2 stroke engine, this is my first 4 stroke.

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    It sure sounds like a fuel starvation issue. Have you been through the filters?
    Green light is just oil pressure to my knowledge. Nice to have, but nothing to do with this issue I don't think.


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      Well the green light just tells you the oil pressure is good. Yeah does sound like a fuel starvation. Had a similar problem with an older force engine. I just ordered a high pressure fuel filter. The low pressure side looks okay. I'm hoping that is the solution.


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        Anyone know why this fuel filter is needed? Part number
        16911-759-003. It seems like it's a return line going into the vst.