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89 force cdi issues, question on wiring

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  • 89 force cdi issues, question on wiring

    i had a retired gentlemen look at my motor. he said I had 145 compression in each cylinder. He checked spark and said that i did not have spark in my first cylinder. He changed plugs between cylinders and told me that I might have a bad CDI module. He advised me to switch them. So i took the one that ran cyl 1 and 2 and swiched it to work cyl 3 and vise versa. Well now my cyl 3 does not fire. What do i need to do to make my cyl 3 fire. It would only make logical sense that i need to switch a few wires but i am not sure on which ones to switch.Click image for larger version

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    Re: 89 force cdi issues, question on wiring

    Basically, there are two sides to each CD box On a three cylinder engine USUALLY the top box fires the #1 and #2 cylinders while the bottom box only fires #3. NOW: you have already proved that the bottom box (after you switched0 would not work on one side. So now, you need to switch the coil wire to the other unused wire and you must switch the trigger wire to the unused side

    If the coil is currently on orange, switch it to red If the trigger is currently attached to green and orange., switch it to red and green.

    Power wires of blue and yellow should be correct.

    Just follow the excellent diagram you posted.
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      Re: 89 force cdi issues, question on wiring

      Frank, thanks for the help. It just hard to understand. I will work on this when the winter gets warmer. Again, thanks for the help!