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chrysler -78 cable color

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  • chrysler -78 cable color

    Hi, I am new here and not so good in english. However I have a small question.

    I have just bought a -78 105 hp chrysler or we think its from -78 can be -77 to. I have bought a new turning switch to start the engine and I wonder how tha cables will be set on it. On the engine it says. MAGNA-POWER II ignition

    Yellow = Start
    Purple = Tachometer
    White = Magneto
    Green = Choke
    Orange = Heat
    Red = Battery
    Blue = Magneto
    Black = ground

    And on the switch it says.

    Magneto circuit = M
    Choke = C
    Ignition circuit = I
    Solenoid = S
    Ground = M
    Battery = B

    I think it would be connected like this but not sure.

    Magneto circuit (M) to white cable
    Choke (C) to green cable
    Ignition (I) to blue cable
    Solenoid (S) to yellow cable
    Ground nothing
    Battery (B) to red cable

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: chrysler -78 cable color

    DO NOT connect as you think. If you have the MAG II ign.system you shall connect like this.


    There are two M terminals at the keyswitch.

    Leave the I terminal free. This terminal has 12V power when key is in run and start position.
    If you put the blue or the white wire at I terminal you fried the CD module.
    The two M terminal short to each other when key is in stop position and will kill the engine.