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1993 70 hp Force tilt/trim motor installation

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  • 1993 70 hp Force tilt/trim motor installation

    I am in need of instructions on how to only replace the tilt/trim motor. I bought a MES T1075M 2 wire motor. I don't need to replace anything else but, i am having trouble finding instructions on how to install+bleed air+test. Could anyone help out?


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    Re: 1993 70 hp Force tilt/trim motor installation

    put a tiny, tiny little small dab of crazy glue on the aluminum reservoir to hold the odd shaped gasket in place at corners. There should be a small handful of hexshafts. Find the shaft of right length and place it into pump with dab of trailer grease or vaseline on lower tip. Inspect motor to see if it has the locating ridge around one of the bolt holes. If it does make sure to line it up. Lower motor down onto shaft and twist slight to drop down onto hex shaft. Put in the four bolts. The allen keyed ones are easier to tighten than the hex head,

    fill with oil. run up. fill again. run down. go have a soda. come back and run up. fill again. put on cap. clean up shop and tools.