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'89 Force L-drive Powerhead.... What's it worth?

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  • '89 Force L-drive Powerhead.... What's it worth?

    I'm looking for some information on my (soon to be someone else's) L-drive powerhead. My BIL rebuilt it last year (with many questions being answered along the way by Frank ). It has a little less than 6 hours running time on the engine.

    The U-joint fell apart on the midleg, and my wife said enough throwing money into this boat -- get something else.... so who am I to argue with her?

    I've parted out many things on e-bay.... Covers, vents, power trim/tilt, lower unit, etc. I just don't want to part out the engine unless absolutely necessary. Shipping would sure be easier, but the engine complete, runs perfectly.

    What is it worth? Is it better to part it out (from a financial point of view) than to sell it outright?

    What would you do?

    Any help would be appreciated. I feel like I need to do something... I'm tired of stepping around it in the garage.

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    Re: '89 Force L-drive Powerhead.... What's it worth?

    Sorry to hear that.Another L drive breaks a heart.
    Not much help for a price but if you can demonstrate motor runs sure would improve your price options.


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      Re: '89 Force L-drive Powerhead.... What's it worth?

      ha thats what i need for my boat and to rebuild them its anywhere from 1300 to 1800.A lot of bread for that motor.