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tachometer for force 1987 125 (have tiny tach installed not sure reading properly)

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  • tachometer for force 1987 125 (have tiny tach installed not sure reading properly)

    I installed a tiny tach on my boat and at ideal i am reading between 800 and 900 rpm i have not got a chance to get it in the water yet. I am wondering if this is normal to have a variance with these tachs. i have read other fourms and i saw that people have said to wrap 5 times instead of 3 and to also put it on the 4th plug wire to get it away from cd packs witch i did. i also see people say to not put it on a wire that has a coil but all 4 plug wires have coils on them. I have it set at 360 degrees (1 spark per rev) is this normal and can anyone give me a part number or link where i can purchase a 20 pole tach that i can actually wire the correct way. I am wanting to get a new prop because i am only running at 34mph at wot and its on a 17ft aluminum boat seems like i should be faster, but i want to make sure i am getting a accurate reading first so i dont destroy my motor. thanks in advance

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    For the TT to work right it should be running in the water.
    The back pressure makes it run at the right rpm's.

    Finding a 20 pole tach can be done, just look around.
    Faria used to make them, but not anymore, might find a used one?
    Teleflex Marine ?

    Do a compression, spark test?
    What rpm's at wide open?

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      i had the motor in a 60 gallon storage bin full of water. i am taking the boat out tomorrow i have done a spark test i have spark on all 4 and the comperssion test come back at 130 on all cylinders. i am just not sure if this tach should read steady it seems like there would be some variance since its just induction