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Chrysler 55 horse power tilt and trim indicator mechanism

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  • Chrysler 55 horse power tilt and trim indicator mechanism

    After a lengthy search, I recently obtained a Chrysler tilt and trim unit as well as a trim gauge indicator kit for my 55 horsepower Chrysler outboard (557 HF) which was no small feat. I am now trying figure out how the sending unit and linkage mounts to the port side stern bracket. Here is a pic of the parts I am referring to. I am looking for advice on how this mounts and the linkage engages with the tilt mechanism. Any help a d or pictures would be greatly appreciated.
    sending unit and linkage

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    Ok guys, after digging deeper I found the installation instructions and template folded up in the bottom of the box the trim indicator cam in.

    Today, I drilled the stern bracket and mounted the sending unit. The template made installation simple and ensured proper alignment between the linkage and sending unit. I have attached images of the installation diagram and finished product in case anyone else needs it for future reference. I will post additional images of the tilt and trim unit once I mount it on the boat this spring.


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      It's amazing what's hiding in the bottom of the box!!!
      Glad you found them as it looks like that's something that wouldn't get installed and set on the shelf!!

      Thanks for the pics.

      You know your probably 1 of 2-3 people in the whole world that has T@T on a Chrysler Outboard.
      In 30+ years I have never seen one on a motor.

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