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Advice on idea for 115 Chrysler

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  • Advice on idea for 115 Chrysler

    I have a 79 115 Chrysler, its a great motor plenty torque and power, it has the one piece gear box with the OMC type prop , mine is stainless, Ive floated this idea on other sites with mixed replys, I heard years ago a conversion existed to do away with the power pack on the these, my engine has a points system, the conversion involves fitting a car coil n condensor, no big deal its an easy conversion, I was told that the spark on this conversion can fade off above 4,500 RPM as car coils are not high enough in voltage and the power packs job is to amplify the spark, the cobversion calls for auto spark plugs too, my questions for the brains trust here
    If one uses a resisted high performance 40,000 volt car coil will this damage the standard Chrysler points?
    Any benifits to using platinum or split type plugs?
    Will the engine run using auto type 8mm carbon fibre plug leads?
    Will the Chrysler handle high octain fuels like 95 or 97?
    How can one increase the lubrication on a two stroke
    Worth pursuing or just keep on relying on the trusty 6 HP auxilliary if it fails.
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    That change over was posted here a while ago.
    Try the search function.

    Even if you change over, The use of premium fuel isn't necessary or good for the motor.
    ​Something about the flash point of premium fuels and pre-detonation and burning up pistons????Google it.

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