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chrysler 105 hp

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  • chrysler 105 hp

    were would you find parts for this motor specifically the distributor cap or is there a upgrade that can replace the old one?

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    They are getting hard to find.
    2004 Caravelle 187


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      google make year model along with distributor cap for sale.
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        Why do you think you need a new dist. cap?
        ​Unless it's cracked?? then it's probably still good.

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          i am getting little to no spark but i havent really did many test on it its not cracked but points were dirty and the dist was dirty cleanned them up and got a little spark on all plugs talking to my teacher im now leading towards the coil going bad


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            Its the coil. The coil takes the charge and ramps it up before going to the distributor
            2004 Caravelle 187


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              thank you i think so to i will post the out come when i do replace it