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Compression test by JB

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  • Compression test by JB


    1. Fully charge battery.
    2. Start engine and warm her up.
    3. Remove all spark plugs and disconnect fuel line.
    4. Rig a jumper to engage starter solenoid without turning ignition on. Pull the emergency kill switch on rope start engines.
    5. Screw guage into #1.
    6. Turn engine over until reading on guage stops increasing or 5 times, whichever is more.
    7. Repeat #5&#6 for all cylinders.

    All psi readings should be within a 10-15% span.

    * It has no effect to open the throttle.
    * Don't get psi hysteria. Remember this is a 2 stroke engine and you are an amatuer at compression testing.
    * Rope start engines will usually give lower psi readings than your know-it-all neighbor claims are required. Same for big JohnnyRude V6s
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