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AQD40A Volvo Penta Frozen

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  • AQD40A Volvo Penta Frozen

    Follow up to my previous post. I have a 23 FT Glasply with an AQD40A Volvo penta stern drive. Currently the gear box is removed. I removed the injectors and still cant get any rotation on the crank. I know these were short production motors and many parts are obsolete or extremely expensive. I planned to repower with a crate 350 worst case but with the current economic downfall I am rethinking my options. Before I rip this diesel out I want to be sure its irreparable. Has about 3700 on the boats meter. Plan to borscope the injector holes and check the pistons followed by draining the oil and cutting open. The filters. Depending on what I find i may pull the head. Am i wasting my time? I was able to locate an overhaul kit that runs about 4K. Anybody know what a shop would charge to rebuild it if I pull the motor myself?I know it wouldn't be cheap

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    Before I rip this diesel out I want to be sure its irreparable.
    Ayuh,...... I'd pull it outa the boat, 'n sit it on an old pallet, or on the floor, as it'll be much easier to work on, than crawlin' in, 'n outa the boat,.....