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Trim Sensor issue Volvo D3 220A-G - DPS-B

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  • Trim Sensor issue Volvo D3 220A-G - DPS-B

    Having issues with a 'new to us' boat. It is a 2013 20' RIB with a Volvo D3 220A-G (EVC) connected to a DPS-B outdrive. The trim sensor wasn't working - the display always read -19 degrees, but everything seemed to work. Ran the boat with no problems getting up to 37knots.
    Loaned the boat out and everything stopped working. They said it wouldn't go above 6 knots and them everything dies. Somehow, they wiped the e-key and drained both batteries. I was able to get one battery back up, but had to replace the other. I was able to use another e-key to reactivate the other e-key. But the engine will not go above 1500 rpm.
    Someone had replaced the trim sensor and cut the plug off and made the connection with crimp on butt connectors.
    I bought a new sensor and installed it the same way (since there was not plug to use). I had found instructions that said to set it so an ohm meter read 11 ohms and then install it in that position with the drive all the way down.
    That wouldn't allow the drive to go up. Manually adjusted it until it would trim up and down. I seemed to get random numbers on the display, but it went up and down.
    Test drove it and it will not go above 1500 rpm. I suspect the EVC thinks it is in "beach mode". Played with the sensor some and now it doesn't change, stays at -5.
    Both the sensor I took out and put in are Volvo #21484383. It has black, black w/brown stripe, and green wires (in that order). The wires I'm connecting to are white/red, white/black, and white/green. They were connected green to white/green, black to white/black, and black w/brown to white/red.
    Can someone confirm that these are correct?
    I also have a "power relay failure", but have checked the relays, fuse on the engine, both circuit breakers on the engine, and all the other breakers and find no issue.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    change the power relay and test it again...


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      sometimes fuses seem fine but that are not make sure to replace them just for checking purpose. i have seen this type of issue in my truck, after changing the relays and one fuse that working perfectly now he is using that for towing truck service near me.