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dissapearing fuel

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  • dissapearing fuel

    I have a Volvo Penta 2003T 1988.
    I hadn't started it for a couple of months so I checked the fuel filter (Racor, mounted 50cm above the engine) before starting.
    The filter had drained down to the outlet port level so I refilled it. The filter then slowly drained back down to the level of the outlet port. The supply pipe is see-thru so I can see the fuel running down to the engine and air rising up to the filter.
    The engine is clean and has good all round visibility and I can see no leaks or fuel escaping anywhere.
    Where is the fuel going? Is it possible for fuel to find its way into the sump or in/out manifolds? Anyone have any ideas?

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    You do have a air leak. Think of it like a straw, dip a straw in water then put you finger over the end. The straw can be pulled from the water and the water stays in it until your finger is removed.

    Check hose and fittings between filter and motor/pump

    Edit: check your oil level to see if its increasing. If it is the the pump is leaking
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