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Squeak when going into gear.

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  • Squeak when going into gear.

    Hi Folks

    I have Volvo Penta D4 with a DPH Drive when I go to put it into gear I get s squeaking sound does anyone have any idea what this might be?


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    Update the noise is coming from a box that has an electrical connection coming from it which I am assuming is from the helm this box moves what looks like a normal shift cable.


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      Further investigation reveals that it’s a shift actuator the squeak appears to be coming from there are these serviceable?


      • #4
        Fly by wire system. Have you greased the actuator ?


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          Does it need taking apart or should I just grease the rod?



          • #6
            Just the exposed rod, I’d think. Still quite unusual for it to squeak going into gear though. Is it Defo related to the mechanics ? Nothing else ?


            • #7
              I am pretty sure it’s the actuator as I have been in the engine bay when shifting and all the hydraulics are topped up with fluid etc. I will have a look at the weekend and let you know.


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                Well it went away on it own during the season! That's what happens when you buy an 11 year old boat that's only done 89 hours!! It's done quite a few more this year!
                Thanks for the help guys