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Pnly half throttle quicksilver remote force 40hp

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  • Pnly half throttle quicksilver remote force 40hp

    My quicksilver side control only moves my throttle half way. I bought a 95 force by mercury 40hp with the controls and cables. It was from a pontoon. My boat is 15 foot so I ordered shorter cables.

    Problem is the throttle will only go from idle to half throttle. Its like the control only moves the cable lets say 5 inches when it needs to more it 6" for example.

    Now if I set the cable at full throttle and return to idle on the remote it only returns half way. Any ideas?

    Theres no adjustment Im aware of on the controls. I just removed the old and connected the new.

    Yes the shift cable is good. Its just the throttle cable. Both seastar cables brand new.

    The adjusting barrels move within the holder. Maybe I'm missing an insert? Im guessing they should be held firmly?

    The remote in neutral hits the mark and full throttle is only half throttle or less.

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    Any ideas?