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Steering suggestion.

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  • Steering suggestion.

    I am working on this Eastporter for next year's striper season. I am going to power with a 1985 to 2010 ish 75 to 115 hp. I am new to boats but a pretty good mechanic. If I buy a wheel and mechanism what should I get? I am guessing a rack system? I am confused about what cables work with what wheel assembly etc. Basically I want install the wheel assembly before cables and motor install. So what wheel assembly to get?

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    Oh yeah I am working with a clean slate. The boat is 20 foot and was totally stripped and redone. It was in bad shape. Full of dings and bad fiberglass work.


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      You could use rack or rotary.
      Key factor is how much room you have under your console.

      Rack needs more room to both sides. But not much depth.
      Rotary needs room to one side, but requires more depth.

      I hope you factored steering cable length into your placement of the center console.
      You are going to need a steering cable length of about 20 feet if your console is 9 feet from the transom.

      Most "packaged" steering systems are only available with 9 - 20 cable lengths.

      Any longer than that and you will be buying individual parts, which cost more.

      The other option is to move your console to one side, been there, done that.
      Medford, WI


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        Wow you scared me for a second. My console is 8.5 feet from the stern to the middle of the console. My console is pretty roomy 31"wide and 20 inches deep.

        Are cables motor specific? Or can I just get the right length and a specific connector to the motor?
        Thanks for the help.



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          Steering cable motor ends are the same for all outboards. The cables are different at the helm end. If you get a kit, which includes the helm and cable, the correct cable is in the box. You do need to calculate the length from the helm to the side of the console, down to the cable chase and under the deck, back to the stern and up to the motor.

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            The cable is thick and stiff, does not bend well, need to make large radius turns.

            The bend that gave me difficulty was the one from the helm unit that went down, under the floor.
            I ended up with my steering wheel offset to the left of the console.
            Medford, WI


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              The no feedback Rotary systems are the way to go if you go cable. If you think you will do a lot of maneuvering in tight marinas or creeks then the quick turn 3:1 instead of 4:1 is nice but has a little more steering effort. If you can swing it then hydrolic steering is King. Everybody that has hydrolic likes it over any cable system. I run the no feedback quick turn on a much lighter boat and it's good.


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                Thanks everyone for the help. Dealing with electronics right now. But starting the helm and steering next week.