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2004 Volvo dp SM power steering issues

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  • 2004 Volvo dp SM power steering issues

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    I have since contacted Volvo Penta for information on their actuator and this was their response:

    Volvo Penta commercialize the actuator as a complete assemble and we do not service or provide technical specs for dealers to service this component.
    We are also not the original manufacturer of it so there is not technical specs or tolerances available from our engineering department.

    This is something a dealer has to diagnose after inspecting it.
    We suggest trying another dealer, to see if they can help.

    Best regards,
    Volvo Penta of the Americas
    Customer Relations
    Telephone: 866-273-2539
    Telefax: 757-436-5150
    Visit our website: www

    As you can see, no help whatsoever from Volvo, they would not provide me with the mfg. of their actuator.

    In addition to the above, I replaced the helm and flushed the system with Seafoam's hydra trans-tune. This has helped somewhat. I also talked to a couple of dealer mechanics and they said the only thing left would be to replace the actuator. They felt that my steering was as good as it is going to get, and that the $1000+ replacement may or may not make a difference. I was reminded that it is power assist and not what you expect in the fine engineering of an automobile. Pretty sad that the marine industry is still using 65 year old steering technology.


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      Follow-up on this posting. Bit the bullet and purchased a new power steering actuator. Same results, stiff steering at all speeds. Also purchased a pressure tester for the pump and found the following results:

      Engine idle with deadhead valve opened -150 psi. (Normal I think)

      Engine at 1500 rpm valve open. 300 psi

      Engine idle valve closed. 1400 psi

      Engine idle with actuator manually forced all the way to retracted position and held. Maximum pressure 150 psi. Doesn't this low pressure point to a bad actuator?
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        Where can I find the Volvo Penta workshop manual (or procedures and specs) to pressure test the power steering pump and to test the steering actuator cylinder? I have a clymer, but it tells me nothing as far as specs, psi, etc.

        This is for a 2004 DPS drive with an 8.1 liter.

        Thanks for your help