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bilge pump install ?

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  • bilge pump install ?

    I just removed my rule 800 bilge pump (17 years old) and bought an Atwood Sahara series 500 that has the automatic float switch inside.The directions show to mount the unit so that the exit tube is toward the back of the boat. It this necessary, or can it point to the front?I can run it that way, but it creates a 180 degree bend in the bilge line to pump the water out. I would rather it have less bending, and be backwards, than have it in the correct direction and have to force the water through a sharp hard turn.Am I insane for doing this? I'm asking because a bilge pump that isn't working correctly isn't something I want to be messing with.

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    Re: bilge pump install ?

    I beleive that the reason is that they want the float to work in that direction, its not so much the pump. Check to see if the float will function correctly with it in another position. Try it in the sink. It may just be that it will come on a bit sooner in the auto mode. I see no reason other than this.