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lowrance x-102 speedometer hook up

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  • lowrance x-102 speedometer hook up

    new to me gregor seahawk g-4 with lowrance x-102.
    does not have speedometer.
    have extra transducer - speedometer cables.do not know what they are from.
    transducer has 2 cables with gray connectors. large diameter one #m-0025, and small diameter one #m-0475.
    speedometer cable # m-0475 - also gray connectors.

    the x-102 has blue hook up connectors on the unit head.

    can the new transducer - speedo cables be used with the x-102 unit?
    they fit , but can i hook them up without damaging the unit so i will have speed reading on graph ?
    also the new cables are quite a bit longer than the cables now in use. will it be ok to just coil up the excess cable ?
    Thanks in advance...captn-tin