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How to wire a 24 volt trolling motor??

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  • How to wire a 24 volt trolling motor??

    I have just purchased a new minn kota autopilot for my boat. I am a little confused on how to wire it to the batteriesI will mount my 2 batteries in the console area and I have purchased enough 6 ga wire for this.I understand from the instructions on to hook the batteries together. I have several questions if somone could help.1-my plug in has 3 wires and the TM has 2, how do I connect to the plug in2-do I need a bus bar ar the front of the boat for connections and if so why and what size?3-I also have a 40 amp breaker where do I install this, IE near the battery on the positive leg???4-I also have a 2 bank onboard charger how do I hook this up with the batteries wired in a series??Thanks for any help ahed of time, this is going to be my weekend project

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    Re: How to wire a 24 volt trolling motor??

    I have two boats, both with 24 volt trolling systems. One was pre-wired with a jumper at the battery and two leads to the trolling motor. The other has a total of 4 wires in parallel with the 12-24 volt (series) jumpering done at the 4-prong trolling motor receptacle. Make sure you know what you have before you start.Are you saying that your plug-in/receptacle has three wires already connected or that you have three terminal lugs with provision for three wires? Do you have a plug that matches the receptacle? Is the receptacle already installed, pre-wired? If there are already feed wires coming off your receptacle, STOP! Check with your dealer, owners manual, etc. With the following set-up you only need a total of two wires/leads coming from both batteries other than the jumper.Jumper from the positive of battery A to the negative of battery B. Come off the positive side of battery B then connect/splice in your circuit breaker at/near the battery. This will lead to your positive at the trolling motor receptacle. The negative of battery A will go to your negative at the trolling motor receptacle.Just make sure when you wire the plug and receptacle that black is to black and red is to red. You shouldn't need a bus bar. READ YOUR OWNERS MANUAL FIRST!Your OB charger should have 2 separate pair of leads, one red and one black per pair. Connect the red from one pair to battery A positive and the black from the same pair to the negative of battery A. Use the other pair the same way for battery B.