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DSI vs. 2D

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  • DSI vs. 2D

    Hey everyone, this topic has probably been beat to death, but I need opinions. I'm wanting to buy my first locator, but am on a budget and notice I can get 2D only, or DSI only for a budget price, or DSI/2D for more. Is DSI the new way to go? Or will both modalities always have a place? I was wondering if I might get away with just DSI since I am not used to 2D (since I haven't used a locator before)

    I will be casting, jigging and trolling, and scanning for depth.

    Are DSI units just as good for scanning depths? Even in super shallow water?

    Do fish show up on DSI as well as 2D? Is the beam more restricted in DSI?

    I am a newbie that won't be fishing super avidly, but want some capability when I do fish. I need some direction.

    Thanks for any help!