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CD player cuts out when I turn on deck lights???

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  • CD player cuts out when I turn on deck lights???

    Whenever I turn on the switch for my deck lights the cd-player display screen will blank out and sound will cut out.
    I have a jensen cd player and my deck lights are two halogen lights that are on top of my t-top(front and back pointing to the deck). They all share the same ground. This happens with the motor off but haven't tried with the motor on yet. Not to big of a deal but I like to have all my electronics working normally.
    what could cause a power source (when turned on ) to (I assume) limit power to another source? And I say limit power because the cd-player still recieves power but not enough to show a display or play sound. This is a brand new cd-player BTW.
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    Re: CD player cuts out when I turn on deck lights???

    You definitely have a low voltage problem. You may not have noticed, but your lights are not as bright as they should be either. If the only common point to the lights and your player is the ground (negative) connection, you should start there with troubleshooting. It could be an obviously corroded connection point or it could be that the size of the cable feeding that point is inadequate. If improving the conductivity of the negative conductor doesn't cure the problem, then you're looking at also improving / increasing the size of the positive wire feeding the common point for player and lights. - Grandad
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      Re: CD player cuts out when I turn on deck lights???

      Yes, voltage drop caused by trying to draw too much current through an insufficient wiring source.

      Wire the deck directly to the battery for both power and ground. Check all of your current connections, especially for those lights. It sounds like you don't have very solid wiring job going on there..
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