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Shoot through the hull depth sounders

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  • Shoot through the hull depth sounders

    My depth sounder has failed and I don't have time to haul out before going cruising for the summer so I would like to install a shoot through the hull sounder. I have a 45' fiberglass powerboat. I use the sounder a lot for placing prawn traps at 300' to 400' depth. From reading other comments I'm a little unsure if I can consistently achieve readings to these depths with a transducer that is mounted inside the hull. Any thoughts and recommendations of specific sounder brand/models that would work for me would be appreciated.

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    Re: Shoot through the hull depth sounders

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    You can only use a shoot-through transducer setup if the hull is a single layer of fiberglass, i.e. no wood or foam core. I'm thinking a 45-footer wood be cored.
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