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Old Electric Trolling Motor

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  • Old Electric Trolling Motor

    Hi all - I was cleaning out my shed today and came across an old battery powered trolling motor. It is a "Tempo-Troll" (Model # 150) battery powered motor. Has anyone ever heard of these? Does anyone know if it is 6V or 12V or is there a way to check the voltage? It was given to me between 1987 & 1996 and I completely forgot it was there. I don't want to scrap it if there is any value to it. A friend wants it for his rowboat but I'm holding up on letting it go. Any help would be appreciated.

    Bruce W.
    Toms River, NJ

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    Re: Old Electric Trolling Motor

    We can assume that the 150 is a 15lb thrust.I had a 15Lb Phleuger in the 70s
    It pushed our 8ft punt at a comfortable rowing speed with 2 adults and to kids under 8.
    You could row faster but I wouldn't want to row too long at that speed.
    We had a neighbor with a 15lb that wasn't nearly as fast on a lighter boat.
    So yours should be somewhere in between. You can almost bet its a 12 volt.
    Test it with a 12. If its a 6volt the reaction will be amazing if its a 12 it willl be strong
    but "in control"I'm assuming the motor itself is under water.


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      Re: Old Electric Trolling Motor

      Thank You steelspike - I'll see what happens & let you know. I believe you are correct re the motor. I'm going to take a couple of pics & include them in the next post...