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Suzuki gauge wiring etc!!!!!!!

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  • Suzuki gauge wiring etc!!!!!!!

    Hi all, we have just purchased a Suzuki DT65 (to replace our Chrysler 30hp on our Mayland 16.5ft fishing boat) with power trim/tilt & 2 gauges.
    This is the 1st gauge,Click image for larger version

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    When we start the engine the red oil light extinguishes, & the 3 green lights show nice & bright.
    However the water & oil flow seem to do nothing?
    Could someone explain the correct workings of the gauge features & also a guide on how to wire the various colored wires correctly (incase we have not) please?

    The second gauge is a trim/tilt. The gauge needle moves as we alter the angle of the gauge (is this supposed to happen?), however is the boat ment to be moving for the gauge to show the correct trim etc?
    With thanks Anth.

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    Re: Suzuki gauge wiring etc!!!!!!!

    The trim gauge does not require that the boat be moving for it to operate. A sender on the engine sends a signal to the gauge to indicate the trim position. As for the other gauge, I'm not familiar with it but the "Water" indicator is likely an overtemperature indicator and will only light should the engine overheat. The wire for that function would originate at the engine temperature sensor.


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      Re: Suzuki gauge wiring etc!!!!!!!

      Thank you for your quick response Supreme Mariner. May be our trim/tilt gauge is either faulty or wrongly wired, i will re-examine it on Monday?


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        Re: Suzuki gauge wiring etc!!!!!!!

        The trim sender is located on the engine and is a simple resitive element that changes resistance as the engine is tilted. It can be checked with an ohm meters. The "S" terminal on the gauge is where this signal ends up.


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          Re: Suzuki gauge wiring etc!!!!!!!

          Hi again "Supreme Mariner" after working on our engine today, our trim/tilt (including the gauge) is up & running & working as it should.
          The engine has 2 buttons which operate the tilt/trim movement, then the remote/throttle arm buttons also operate correctly & our gauge reads the movement.
          Thank you for your help regarding this thread.