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96 four winns horizon electrical problem

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  • 96 four winns horizon electrical problem

    having a problem with the electrical system and need some help/advice
    running a volvo engine outdrive 5.8fi

    fully charged battery... the rear drive unit has power from the gear shift to lift the prop out of the water but i have no power to the main switch board at the capt chair.

    nothing comes on no bilge no lights no radio nothing, i checked the emergency cut off switch and its intact and has the clip on it, and the forward/reverse is in neutral.

    Is there a main fuse? or something that would interrupt the flow of current to the main switches?

    one other thing, we were gone for 12 days to europe and when we came back there was a good about of water in the bilge I had to use the old bilge pump directly to the battery to empty the bilge

    first time ive had any problem like this.

    thanks for any assistance

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    Re: 96 four winns horizon electrical problem

    Look for the master ignition breaker somewhere in the eagine area (black housing with a red 'press-to-reset'). There may also be a main breaker feeding the helm area. Possibly a 40-60 amp fuse or fusible link.
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      Re: 96 four winns horizon electrical problem

      if anyone has any idea where this might be i would really appreciate some guidance on this.

      I looked into the engine area and pushed everything that looked like a red button. Nothing

      since the entire front panel is out i am making the assumption that a fuse or breaker has burned popped. i cant think it's a wire since I havn't used the boat in 15 days.

      I looked at the fuse panel behind the steering column and it all looked good to me. tight connections nothing loose from the main lead.

      i will post this in the four winns area as well thanks

      I did find a black box on the back of the engine compartment that looked like it had hydraulic hoses in it i am assuming this is the motor for the out drive.


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        Re: 96 four winns horizon electrical problem

        ok found the 60 amp reset fuse that lets me start the engine and run the bilge pump ...pushed reset and the engine started right up. GREAT!

        Now i have about 4 out of the 6 toggle switches still not working at the helm i plan to replace
        the 20 amp reset breaker next to the ignition key. This may fix all problems will post after the rain storm.


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          Re: 96 four winns horizon electrical problem

          A main fuse or breaker for the panel at the helm is usually located within a foot of the the battery on the positive lead (the 8 or 10 gauge wire that goes forward, not the much larger main cable that goes to the starter).
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            Re: 96 four winns horizon electrical problem

            yeah found the problem(s) ... apparently the 60 amp breaker wasn't quick enough to stop a short and popped the 20 amp fuse next to the ignition switch, reset and replaced the boat is good to go.

            Apparently the bilge auto switch is broken so water filled up and cause the breaker to pop. So its off to get a new auto bilge.