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Alternator wiring help needed

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  • Alternator wiring help needed


    I have questions about wiring a new internal alternator from an external regulated one. I bought a Prestolite #8MR2050Fa sales #170-532 and regulator #8RG2069. I have attached the old original boat wiring schematic from the previous setup and the back of the new alt. Seems like it should be easy but I over think things sometimes and am an electrical noob.

    The questions I have going clockwise from top of the new alternator drawing are...

    1. Yellow wire "excitation lead" I don't know where it should go.

    2. AC tap is for auxiliary components that I will not need now?

    3. B- post does it need to get wired to the battery or is it grounded through the engine block chassis?

    4. B+ It should get wired to the + post of the battery (right)? Is there a recommended wire size, it would be about 2-3 feet from battery?

    5. D+ or REG it should get wired to my orange wire to the indicator light. (right)?

    Also can I just remove the old regulator then?

    Thanks so much,

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