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frying fuse holder

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  • frying fuse holder

    I have a small boat that is pre-wired for a trolling motor and has a 50amp fuse holder by the battery. I have a Minn kota 55lb thrust trolling motor that I use. Any time I use the motor on high for any extended period of time the fuse holder starts to melt. The fuse never blows. I have a feeling its the difference in the wire gauge between the motor and the pre-wiring on the boat. If anyone could give me any advice I would appreciate it.

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    Re: frying fuse holder

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    I have a feeling the manufacturer didn't have a 55# thrust trolling motor in mind. I think you're going to have to upgrade the wiring.
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      Re: frying fuse holder

      What gauge is the wire going to and from the fuse holder? Bet its too small for the 50 amps max the motor draws. (50 amps by the way came from the Minnkota product manual).


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        Re: frying fuse holder

        this could also be caused by corrosion or a loose connection... either way at a minimum the fuse holder is trash now and if the wiring on your boat isn't at least as heavy as the wiring on the motor then use the old wires to pull new heavier wires through....

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        But, where are the reevets?
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          Re: frying fuse holder

          Thanks for the replies. Kinda figured that was the problem.