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Advise / Opinions on Humminbird Matrix 67 Fish finder w/GPS

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  • Advise / Opinions on Humminbird Matrix 67 Fish finder w/GPS

    I have the opportunity to purchase a new (in the box) Humminbird Matrix 67 fish finder with GPS/plotter with maps for about $200 from Gander Mountain. On the box it also says you can mail in for a novonics chip for lake maps as well. It originally retailed for $499 so it seems like a good deal.

    This is a discontinued unit that they found stuffed back on their shelves. Thus the deep discount. Can anyone give me any opinions / feed back on this Matrix 67 good or bad? I'm not sure how old this is and having a hard time finding reviews online. Also what navonics lake map chips would be best to order for Michigan / Great lakes.

    My other option would be to purchase a handled GPS and just contine to use the cheap Eage cuda 168 fish finder that is now on the boat. Would probably get a Garmin Vista unless there is something in the same price range that would be better for the water. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Re: Advise / Opinions on Humminbird Matrix 67 Fish finder w/GPS

    The Matrix units are a few years old, and the last few models were just discontinued. I am not a Matrix owner or user, but have experience with other HB units. I looked through the owners manual on the HB site and compared the features to units I know about.

    Sonar: Features, functions, and capabilities rival what can be found in a 788, only in a B&W display. A close sonar match is the 728 which retails for $300, and has no gps capabilities.

    GPS: The built-in Unimaps are only outline type maps. Not sure if the mail-in maps are free or not, but Navionics maps are your only option. Not sure if you would want lake detail maps or navigation maps, but best to discuss with Navionics. They can tell you which chips work in that unit. The larger screen will be easier to read than a small hand-held, especially with dealing poor weather conditions.

    Combo: Does not appear to have features that combine gps and ff, found in the most recent units.

    The MMC slot should make a S/W update easy, which there is probably one available.

    It is a good buy for the capabilities and you will still get full warrantee from HB. For you, the map question needs to be researched a little more. Navionics chips are about $100-$150, if it is not a free mail-in.