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Older Minn Kota Rotary Switch Repair Guide

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  • Older Minn Kota Rotary Switch Repair Guide

    Older Minn Kota Switch Repair is fairly simple.
    Should work for older (ROUND) Minn Kota rotary 4 and 5 speed switches
    I purchased a Minn Kota 35 used a few years ago. Only used it a few times, then as a backup to my 6hp outboard this summer. Long story short, My Gas motor failed and I had to run Up River against current and 20mph winds on the trolling motor......... It kind of died with 2 forward/intermittent reverse.

    Intermittent function/ only some speeds usually indicates the rotary switch has problems. Part is NLA(obsolete)

    This is at your own risk. It worked great for me and saved me buying a new trolling motor.

    Switch repair - approximate time to repair = 1hr.

    Tools needed:
    Felt tip marker
    #2 Philips Screwdriver
    Small Flat screwdriver - I use largest from eyeglass type kit.
    J.B. Quick 2 part epoxy
    Tooth picks
    rubber band
    Dremmel with thin red disc's and wire wheel

    Remove screws from head cover.
    Remove collar screws holding handle in place.
    Detach handle at switch.
    Mark the top side of the switch for re-installation.
    Lay handle/cover/gasket/screws aside for later assembly
    Draw a wire layout for switch or Take a few digital pics to help with reassembly.
    Detach wire connectors from switch.
    Lift switch out and take to a clean work table.

    Getting to the problem
    With Dremmel(red wheel attached) in one hand and switch in the other(rotor facing you) cut into seam around head of switch.
    ONLY CUT 1/8" DEEP
    DO NOT CUT Behind Side Contacts. That plastic is part of the top(front).
    With Switch upright, carefully pry in several spots around the seam. It should Pop loose.
    Carefully lift the top off. Shaft and switch center hub may come out with it.
    CAUTION: There are a few contacts, springs and a steel ball inside. Don't loose these.

    Ok, take a good look at everything. comfortable with what goes where.

    Clean up:
    The bottom of the switch has copper buttons. These are the different speed contacts.
    Switch to the wire wheel and buff each contact clean.
    Next Clean the copper contacts on the bottom side of the center hub. Steady each as they are spring loaded. Verify smooth spring action. If all is good, move on to the top contacts.
    Clean the top center hub contacts and make certain the top springs work smoothly. These can hang from heat build up. A nail file or razer can dress the plastic if the contacts are sticking.

    A small amount of Vaseline on contacts if wiped dry.
    Set the steel ball in one detent(Neutral/off is good)
    Slide center hub into place aligning spring over detent ball.
    Place the shaft back into the hub if it came out.
    Hold pressure on hub and check rotation.
    Mix Equal parts JB Quick and apply to upper lip of base with tooth pick.
    align top and press into JB Quick. Don't waste time here. it sets fast.
    Apply excess JB quick to seam and smooth.
    Wrap rubber band around body and top to hold until set.

    Installation: Reverse steps above. Use your diagram or pics!

    Test and if all went well........Happy boating.

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    Re: Older Minn Kota Rotary Switch Repair Guide

    thats nice Ill remember this if my minnkota 35 switch go's bad . But you can use a newer style switch . A man in west allis ,wi did this for me . He was a minnkota dealer . Most of the other dealers wont repair it for , just want you to buy a new motor from minnkota .