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New Battery post nuts alert!!

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  • New Battery post nuts alert!!

    a lot of the new batteries are coming with stainless hex nuts on the post.
    before installing put a drop or 2 of oil on the post. then install. the reason is that the stainless nut will "GALL" on the post. making it impossible to either tighten or loosen the nut. i just learned this the hard way. had to remove my ground cable from motor, in order to take the battery back. they had to cut the post to get my cable off. of course they were very nice, and replaced my new battery.
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    Re: New Battery post nuts alert!!

    I have always thrown away those wing nuts and used stainless hex but never had that problem. I also use stainless flat and lock washers under it. Wonder if that could make a difference??
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      Re: New Battery post nuts alert!!

      TD are you talking about stainless wing nuts? I'm not quite picturing the problem you're having, but putting oil on nuts and bolts is never a bad idea, that goes for tractors, lawnmowers, boats, trailers, you name it. Lugnuts included.