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Minn Kota Auto Pilot No Run !!!!

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  • Minn Kota Auto Pilot No Run !!!!

    Hello to all. I just purchased a used Autopilot Minn Kota trolling motor VERY cheap and am having a little trouble with it as expected. I hooked it up to 12V and the electric steer and the auto pilot systems work, but the motor does not run. I took it apart and found the wires that go down the shaft inside. I tested them, and they are getting voltage, so I disconnected them, and hooked them to 12v, but the motor still wont run. I am assuming that it is a problem with the motor, but how do they come apart. I took off the prop and the rear bearing plate, and can see the armature end, but am afraid to pull it out knowing that there are brushes on the other end, and how would you get them back in ? any help ?? Thanks as always, Dave

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    Re: Minn Kota Auto Pilot No Run !!!!

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